Your basement will take shape the first week of construction.  The ‘walls will be set’, so to speak, and the rest of project is built upon on what is completed that first week.  Important that you’re available for questions and a daily review of progress.  This will ensure everything is how you want it so we can get it right the first time. There may be lots of questions and decisions that need to be made by you so it’s good to have this expectation in mind because it may seem overwhelming at times.  Don’t worry though, because you’ll be among the industry’s best professionals and we can give you sound counsel.  We just want to know exactly what you need.  Because after all, you’ll be the one living in it and looking at it each day. We want to make it just right for you.  The pace of the second week and third week will pale in comparison to the first week.  Everything will seem to slow way down during the drywall phase but this is totally normal and should be expected too.